Can I come and see what you do?

Yes! We’re open Mon-Fri 9.00 - 5.00 and most Saturdays 10.00 - 4.00.

Somerset Wood Recycling is closed on Sundays and most public holidays (please contact us in advance to avoid disappointment).

Can I donate wood to you?

If you want to drop off wood please always contact us in advance, giving a description of the wood. Then we can tell you if we can take it or not. If you’re dropping it off it needs to be when we are open so we can provide a transfer note for the wood, which is a legal requirement. We’ll also need to know a few other things, like where it’s come from. And, strange as it may seem, we don’t want people leaving soggy chipboard outside our premises in the middle of the night!

Are you part of North Somerset Council (NSC)?

We aren’t but we do work with NSC to undertake outdoor repair and maintenance.

Are you a charity?

In some ways we are similar but no we are not a charity. SWR is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. This means two things. Firstly, all the money we make is reinvested in the project to continue its aims (mainly to work with long term unemployed people, people with mental health issues and drug and alcohol issues. Secondly it means that the project (as a business) can’t be sold on for profit.

Does ‘not for profit’ mean you don’t need to make any money?

No. We have to pay the same bills as any other business; taxes, NI, rent, business rates, wages, electricity, fuel and so on. Even volunteers come at a cost. The difference between us and a ‘regular’ business is that we are committed to reinvesting any surplus we make into employing local unemployed people and providing a better experience for our volunteers by improving our ability to develop their skills. We also don’t distribute profits to any shareholders (there aren’t any).

Can I volunteer with you?

Yes you can – please come in or give us a ring for a chat.

Do you chip the wood you collect?

No – we are not a wood chipping company. We aim to reuse all the wood we collect by making it in to furniture and so on as well as selling it to the public. What’s left over goes to local allotments and into our biomass heater where possible, a very small amount goes back into the waste stream.

Do you have any sleepers or scaffold planks for raised beds?

Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. But don’t think that sleepers/scaffold planks are the only things you can use for raised beds. Come and take a look!

Do you sell timber to the public?


How much do you charge for your wood?

Generally we are the cost effective option when it comes to buying wood; however, we’ve got a lot more than just timber off old pallets and 3”x2”, for example local native and exotic hardwoods – which will be more expensive. But we always endeavour to be fair.

How do I Pay?

We can accept cash or card payments in person.

I need 150 gates made – can you do this?

Due to the way our wood comes in it’s sometimes (though not always) difficult to produce large numbers of exactly the same product – but we believe different is beautiful!

I’ve got a load of wood I need to get rid of – will you collect free of charge?

If the wood is good and / or of sufficient quantity we might be able to collect for free, especially if it’s not too far from where we are. But collecting wood costs a lot of money, especially if it needs a lot of sorting out at our end and isn’t very re-usable. If you want a collection please provide us with as much information as possible; this will help us to give you a clear idea of whether we will need to charge for the collection.

I’ve got something I need made; can you help?

Yes, please get in touch.

Where does the wood come from?

Mainly from local businesses (manufacturing and construction), but sometimes from peoples’ homes as well.

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Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

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We are closed on Sundays and most public holidays.

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