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Somerset Eco-Coffin

Handmade in Somerset from recycled pallet wood


Natural, local, recycled materials

Because we care about the environment as much as you do

We need to talk about coffins

Did you know that the majority of today's coffins are made from laminated chip board and MDF? Materials that are a cocktail of chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), glues and plastics. You wouldn’t put wood like this in your log burner, so why bury it in the ground or send it into a funeral fire?

Added to this are the thousands of miles coffins travel to reach the UK. Most coffins are built in China or Eastern Europe. In fact, the average UK cremation creates as much pollution as a 2,800-mile car journey.

What's the alternative?

Introducing the Somerset eco-coffin. Lovingly hand crafted as much as possible from natural, local, recycled materials.

Once we’ve broken the pallets down we sand the wood so it looks attractive but don’t add any chemical finishes.


The insides of our coffins are lined with a natural fabric such as used coffee bean sacks, and the handles are made by us from sisal, a natural plant fibre used in rope making.


Our coffins are constructed to meet industry standards for cremation and burial.


Finally, as a social enterprise, we use what we do (making things from recycled or sustainably sourced timber) as a way to train and employ disadvantaged people from the local area.

The Somerset Eco-coffin: £490 incl. VAT

Excluding delivery

Useful information if you’d like to order one of our coffins


Our 3 standard sizes are:


  • Large - 1995 mm L x 642 mm W (at widest point) x 420 mm H

  • Medium - 1960 mm L x 635 mm W (at widest point) x 400 mm H

  • Small - 1755 mm L x 548 mm W (at widest point) x 380 mm H


If you have particular size requirements please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate. The cost of the coffin may go up because of this but we do our best to keep all costs to a minimum.

All standard Somerset eco-coffins cost £490 (including VAT). We can help with local deliveries but for deliveries further afield we use a courier service so it’s best to check the cost of this prior to ordering. We can help with that too.

And finally, we make to order, so 7 working days between the point of ordering and delivery of the coffin is our minimum!

If you would like to drop in to take a look at a coffin, please get in touch.


"Everything we do has an environmental impact. Choosing a locally made, recycled wood coffin helps preserve the planet for future generations."

Tristan, director, Somerset Wood Recycling


  • We have three regular sizes, but we can also make non-standard sizes

  • Made from high-quality, chemical-free wood salvaged from the local waste stream. We do currently use FSC plywood for the base to make sure our coffins are sturdy.

  • Handles are made from natural sisal fibres

  • We use a minimal number of ferrous screws

  • The coffin lid is held in place by six wooden toggles

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Handmade by Somerset Wood Recycling in Weston-super-Mare. We are a social enterprise. Our business activities generate income that keeps the project running and supports the work we do helping disadvantaged people from the local community

  • For a small additional cost we can add an etched wooden plaque.


Order a coffin

The Bristol Coffin is currently available through Divine Ceremony in Bristol and Co-op Funeralcare in North Somerset among other funeral directors.

Alternatively please get in touch to order direct from us.

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